This story begins on a Friday night in1956, parked in  the back row of the White Hut Drive In on Sylvania Avenue, in Toledo Ohio. There I was sitting in my primered nosed and decked  49 Olds fastback spooning a Frosty and listening to Randys Record Mart, sponsored by Honest Charley Hot Rod Parts.
         One of the west end cats had just installed a set of Smitties on his black 55 Chevy and as he drove through he stopped in front of my Olds and yelled” Hey Man,  You Want To Run That Thing ?” As I fired up my Rocket 88, and told the chic on the skates to take my tray and I told her ” later man”.
         As I was adding a few .32 cents a gallon of high octane Gulf Crest to my tank, I looked over my shoulder and saw all of the White Hut gang on their way out to Peck Consear Rd. in Michigan to watch my 49 Olds run the 55 Chevy.
          Even though it was dark, down the road about a quarter mile the moon lit the roofs of all the waiting cars that were backed in with their lights off parked on both sides of the road.  We knew that we could get in one to two runs, maybe three before someone would call the fuzz. The 55 Chevy was in the right lane waiting for me. As I pulled along side of him we both hit our toggle switch to cut off our tail lights and were waiting for the count of three.
            I dropped my four speed hydro into low, stood on the brakes, brought up the RPMs and the 88 jacked up and was ready to run. Just as the word three was coming out of someone’s mouth, I was off the binders and was smoking the hides. The 55 had pulled me by one car to about a third the way down the run…….then I shifted into drive and my Olds started to haul ass. The quarter mile was just ahead, and at that point the White Hut gang turned on their head lights which lit up the road and as I blasted passed them I  had put two lengths on the black 55.
           That feeling of “Blowing  Someone’s Doors Off” 56 years ago still exists today and is known as “MUENZER RACING “ !!!.......Now enjoy the rest of the story, from my foot braking 56 years ago…….to today as Owner and Driver, my son Chris pulls the trigger with a 1.25 60 foot time at 9.30 ET. in the Quarter mile.....Enjoy,  Fast Jack